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Love in Times Like These...

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Love in times like these...

Who among us hasn't hoped to see the end of horrific war games in their lifetime...?

Though if we are honest, the most complicated truth we will ever have to face is that there are those among us who love war. Just watch a military General speak passionately of strategy and camaraderie or a highly trained fighter pilot walk up to their plane. It is a disturbing reality to realize, but someone had to say the quiet thing out loud—some love war.

The Divine Design has a major design flaw.

We can confront this reality by reminding ourselves that there are truly heroic and courageous beings among us that have changed the world through demonstrations of fierce equanimity and stoic peace. As complex as this world is, we each have the choice to love what we love.

When I think of love and war and peace and power, it reminds me of the infamous quote attributed to the late Jimi Hendrix.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace." Which begs the question, dear person - What do you love, and how do you relate to power? Even among the spectacle of horror, there is always the power to love. Ahhh love...

I love flowers and spring and birth and growth, and while love might not be the word, I would use - I accept the reality of death and decay and the food chain of which everything I love will one day be a part. I respect and dare say - love - the great cycles and rhythms of life; the sacred drum taught me that one.

And, of course, there are the greatest loves of all - friends and partners, lovers, community, children, family members, and the menagerie of animals that make life in this world like living in a mythical dream come true. Love, surprisingly, doesn't mean we always get along - there I go again, saying the quiet thing aloud.

There is something great to love about overcoming relational challenges through gritty dialog, nervous system co-regulation, conscious, conscientious, and, yes, even at times, contentious emotional expression with those we deeply love and care about.

Who among us doesn't love the relief and peace that can follow cycles of conflict and repair when mutual regard, love, and respect are at the core?

It is a polarity planet, after all - a world of love and hate and peace and war. Some believe it hasn't always been this way...some say there was a day before the invention of organized war when peace and love and true heroism of the gatherers and hunters ruled.

Oh, and speaking of love, let us not forget the love of honeybees and Did I mention flowers?

I used to think flowers were a frivolous, fragrant luxury - way too expensive for me. Now, I realize flowers are one of the. single. most. important. things. On Earth, that is, along with the honeybees.

Flowers and honeybees are only most important to those who eat.

That's pretty much everybody. Isn't it?

Do you love to eat?

Ahhhh, finally, something we can ALL agree on!

Anyway, let's also not forget the buds and bark and branches and seeds and leaves and nuts and roots and fruits, and all the cornucopia of plenty given so freely and generously by the glorious love affair between Mother Earth and Father Sky.

Let's hold a fact, it is always already happening... An era and a time, a time out of time...

A time when we will replant Gaia's gardens and the sacred groves and evergreen forests together so we can flourish on this beautiful blue-green oasis swirling through an infinite cosmos, inspired and moved by the lifeforce intelligence of the evolutionary power of love - in action!

In the meantime, we are gathering as a global group for an online Earth Day Sacred Drumming ritual to benefit the people, plants, and animals of war torn areas of the world and you are invited to join us!

There's not too much you need to do - simply follow the prompts through the link below, make a donation to the charity of your choice, gather your drum (if you have one), pour a cup of tea, get comfortable, perhaps light a candle. We will drum, meditate, and pray for peace, and yes, there will be flowers, flowers, flowers... Visit the event page to learn more...

Artist: kateryna_biletina's kateryna_biletina Сайарсична композиція #3, п.о., 120*90 см., 2021


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