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  • Krista Holland

The Legacy of Layne Redmond

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Reflecting on the life and legacy of my teacher, friend, and mentor Layne Redmond today on her Birthday. I scattered some of Layne's ashes to the wind and soil at this sacred oracular site of Delphi in Greece in 2017 while co-leading two groups of 25 women each on a Field School. What a magical, mysterious, and sometimes difficult journey it was and I believe Layne's life was too.

Layne wove teachings of the oracles and seers, the bee priestesses, and muses of the ancient world into all of her teachings of the frame drum. The myths and stories radically altered my consciousness and worldview and that of many other people I know too. Ultimately, these stories teach us of the mythic origins of art and ritual and ceremony, and that myth is part of the foundational soil and roots of all human culture.

The story of Layne Redmond's own life is one that reminds us of how one person's focus can change the course of another person life and that a life lived with integrity, passion, and purpose can serve to help illuminate the way for others to discover the symbolic signposts on their mythic life journey. Those that go before with courage light the way.✨

Deep bow and massive gratitude to my friend and teacher. I love you, Layne! 🐝

In honor of my mentor, I propose this question to you - What are the guiding myths of the world you are living in, and what myths are living inside of you - now?


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