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~ Frame Drum Lessons & Sound Healing Sessions~

On-line and in person

with Krista Holland

Frame Drum Lessons

  •  Learn the basic strokes and playing techniques for both the lap style and upright positions on the frame drum

  • Discover the wide array of sounds and tonalities that can be created on this very simple, yet powerful instrument

  • Learn fun world rhythms to play on the frame drum

  • Learn how to develop a meditation or ceremonial practice with the aid of the frame drum

  •  Cultivate your own unique rhythmic signature for personal transformation and leading ritual

  • Explore the ancient historical lineage of woman drummers/bee priestesses from the ancient Mediterranean cultures and beyond

  • Students that are interested in the potential of teaching Sacred Drumming or leading ritual with the frame drum may choose to study the ancient history of sacred drumming with Krista as part of their studies.

  • Krista also offers group immersions into Sacred Drumming both online and in person.

Or come to one of our international retreats and meet us in one of our Sacred Drumming circles!

The Sacred Drum has a long history of usage in ceremony and healing rituals the world over. The drum has the unique capacity to help shift a person's brain waves from over-analytical stressful modes of thinking characterized by Beta brain wave activity into more relaxed and coherent brain wave patterns characterized by Alpha and Theta brain waves.


This is the basis for the healing response that can be invoked through the power of the drum.


Over the course of her drumming career, Krista has drummed for cancer patients in hospice, for pregnant mothers at their blessing ways, for grieving parents, for modern temple dancers, for trance journeys, water immersion ceremonies, to lull children (and dogs!) to sleep at bedtime, and for a variety of other life passages, ceremonies, and rituals.

The frame drum is known for its dynamic range and incredible diversity and complexity of sounds ~ from dreamy, whisper-soft cadence to full trance-inducing shamanic power.

Krista offers Sacred Drum Sound Healing sessions in-person in Southern Oregon and Via Zoom online.


Sacred Drum Sound Healing Sessions

"Krista's ability to demonstrate entrain and teach the drum without ever losing touch with the sacred, ancient roots of the practice is a true gift.  Her class is part of the voice of the ancestress, calling us home to the powerful mystery of belonging to an endless lineage of holy women and mothers."
Jumana Sophia
Her Mystery School

"Krista Holland~historian, instructor, mentor, story-teller, spiritual-guide, community builder, and, frame drum teacher.  I found your relaxed sharing style so rich in nourishing knowledge and exquisite drumming techniques.  Your fingers dancing the beat, I felt I was listening to the transmission of arcane wisdom through "cha brushing" sounds of parchment pages turning inside the lost library of Alexandria as you de-coded & translated the alchemy of hidden treasures.
Your words-An art form
Your drumming-Soul/spirit food
Your presence-Heartfelt, timeless, spacious"
Elise Lockhart,  M.ED

"Sacred Drumming in the exquisite atmosphere of the Ghost Ranch Education and Retreat Center met all of my dreams and expectations. Krista Holland is a gifted teacher who offers fascinating information while balancing it expertly with lovely experiential learning."

Ananya Hixon, MA, LMFT

Ashland, Oregon

"This entire retreat gives us a taste of the transformational potential in women's mythic drumming, as Krista teaches it. Combined with gentle yoga and the beauty of Ghost Ranch, it is a uniquely powerful experience. I would come again and again, if I could.  p.s. It works for all ages

Demaris Wehr


Jung & Feminism

"This Mythic Drumming workshop brought me back in touch with my original rhythm and essence and I will be forever grateful for the true, clear and loving way that Krista channeled the teachings of Sacred Drumming. It awakened the deep, subtle and powerful energies of my heart!"

"I began a journey of healing, reuniting, honoring, remembering my inner feminine prior to this retreat but it was here that I finally began to feel ease and joy in the journey. She had been shoved into the shadows and the circle of this retreat created a safe space for her to step into the light."

Marcella Bell

Author and yogini