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  • Krista Holland

Sacred Drumming is Dedicated

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Sacred Drumming is dedicated to helping create cross-cultural connection and inclusion among diverse peoples. ⚪️ Music and frame drumming, in particular, are Universal languages and a worldwide global phenomenon that bring people together from all demographics of life to be in circle and collective rhythm. ⚪️ We stand with our black community members, the indigenous, oppressed, and minority people in the U.S. and the world over who are suffering and demanding change. ⚪️ We are listening, donating, and taking action in this collective movement towards greater equity. ⚪️ We understand this is a lifelong commitment. ⚪️ We thank you for being part of this community. ⚪️ In honor of the heartbeat rhythm that resides in the center of each one of us and to the Great Circle of Life. In solidarity,

Krista Holland & Sacred Drumming 🌎 Stay strong ⚪️ Keep calm 🌑 and ⚪️ Drum 🌑



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