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  • Krista Holland

Eros and The Sacred Drum

In honor of this day of love, passion and romance I would like to invite you to a special talk I will be giving on Eros & The Sacred Drum.

For those that may not be familiar - Eros is the Greek version of the love god Cupid.

I never would have imagined that there would be such a strong connection between the Sacred Drum, the gods and goddesses of love, femininity, and sexuality but through my research that is what I have found. As you will see if you join us the images and myths tell of the powerful and ancient connections.

In this Free LIVE webinar, I will be sharing my most recent research into the feminine history of the frame drum.

Join me LIVE or receive the recording if you're interested in learning more about this fascinating and at times erotic topic - EROS & THE SACRED DRUM ⚪️

Click the link below to see more images and sign up to join us!


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