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  • Krista Holland

From an Earthen Cave to the Cyber Web

From this earthen spot on the island of Crete to the cyber webs of modern technology the sacred drum is a simple yet powerful instrument that can remind us of our individual and global connection to universal rhythms. ⚪️ This was a completely improvisational Sacred Drumming composition that came to me while on the island of Crete last summer, where I was continuing my research of the sacred drummers, oracles, muses, and bee priestesses of the ancient/modern world. ⚪️ Since the basic rhythmic structure first downloaded to me, the rhythm has continued to flush out with more and more complexity...this was the bare bones cave-dwelling inspired beginning. Lol! More on that another day... ⚪️ I'm in the process of teaching this composition (well I WAS in the process prior to sheltering in place) to my Sacred Drumming circle sisters. ⚪️ One of these days, when we can all be back in circle together, we will record the entire compositions so you can all hear the interlocking rhythms and group syncopations...For now, it's just me. ⚪️ Here's to each of us tuning back in with ancestral and earth-based wisdom and reactivating mythic living ~ even in the midst of technological innovation! It's all happening simultaneously along the timespace continuum...🌎

Oh..and if you notice some buzzing sounds in the background...that's cicadas and honeybees. 🐝🍃

Thanks for listening! ♡

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