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  • Krista Holland

The Bee Priestess of the British Isles

Artist: unknown

In honor of the Irish priestess and patron saint of Honeybees and Sacred Wells 🐝

St. Abigail who's Gaelic name is Gobnait, and who in England is known as St. Deborah ~ meaning honeybee.

She is venerated for her honoring and care taking of the honeybees and the healing of her people with her honeyed medicines that banished plagues and other strange illnesses.

Today February 11th is traditionally celebrated as her flowering and Feast Day! 🌸

With the heralding of Spring, the bees will soon be out of their wintertime hibernation and slumber and will reappear with their golden wings shimmering in the sunlight. Look and listen out for them as they go about their good work and divine offering of pollinating our food, flowers, herbs, and medicines.

If you happen upon a swarm of bees abundant blessings are sure to follow...

When you hear the buzzing hum and smell the fertile fragrance of their honeyed nectar do say a prayer to dear St. Abigail. And please leave the bees be! So they may go along their helpful way or perhaps offer them a cozy home and hive to help fertilize your heart and mind with honey wine bliss and nectarian goodness.

All hail St. Abigail!! 🐝


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