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  • Krista Holland

We are crafting a new Mythos

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

“Mythos: a pattern of beliefs expressing often symbolically the characteristics or prevalent attitudes in a group or culture.” 🌀 We are individually and collectively crafting the mythos. ✨ There's a fresh mythos now germinating from ancient seeds buried and perpetually tended to from long, long ago... 🌎 It's a mythos of a culture that aspires to remember ancient and indigenous wisdom and reminds us to tend to and share the collective commons with deep reverence. The re-emergent mythos is not about perfection - it's about vision, intention, and activation. ✨ It's a mythic worldview that honors and supports indigenous wisdom keepers, water protectors, visionary youngsters, artists, and elders. It's a mythos of culture in love with nature. It's a mythos animated by the Evolutionary Life Force Intelligence of action! One of the archetypal symbols of the new mythos is the ancient/modern cross-cultural phenomenon that is the Sacred Drum. ⚪️ The sacred drum is such a potent reminder of the seasons and cycles of nature - the power of our beating hearts - and the healing potential of being in rhythm and circle together.

✨ We are crafting a new mythos... 🌎 One where we can drum and sing, co-create, work hard, simplify, and celebrate together as the seeds of Gaia's verdant gardens and teeming forests rebloom, and wild places return. ⚪️ *If you're feeling inspired to nurture your own blooming mythos into greater fruition, then please come learn to play the frame drum at Georgia O'Keffee's Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu, New Mexico!

Drumming is one of the most wonderful ways we can be in good company and rhythm together. ✨🌎🌀💙⚪️... " No musical or drumming experience required. Frame Drums are provided. Mythic Drumming April 2nd - 5th 2020 Register Here: Event Page:


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