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  • Krista Holland

We Need a New Mythos

"Mythos: a pattern of beliefs often expressing the characteristic or prevalent attitudes symbolically in a group or culture."

As you look around the world through the lens of media, your tv, the internet matrix, what do you see?

Do the collective patterns of symbols, stories and attitudes inspire your soul? Sometimes yes? Sometimes no?

We are individually and collectively crafting the mythos.

For 2,000 + years up to the present day, the dominant voice has been that of the patriarchy, the priest, the prophet, the leader, the warrior, the politician, the moneylender, the landowner, the Hollywood producer. The subtle and at times not so subtle message subscribed to Western society and culture - compete, repent, fight, dominate, separate, capitalize, colonize, homogenize, horde, accumulate, judge, succeed, battle, win, and don't forget to squeeze lots of shopping in.

Many both remember and envision another narrative and another way - celebrate, accept, uplift, support, harmonize, plant, grow, tend, share, care, communicate, contemplate, cultivate, craft, create, love, feel, nurture, include.

Some would say what the world needs now is a greater balance between "masculine" ideals and "feminine" values and a deeper understanding of the fertile edge and non-binary places in between.

As problematic as certain aspects of the worldwide web can be one of the most potent potentials the internet holds - it is the great equalizer of who gets to write the narrative, espouse the values, inspire the mythos, and tell the tale. Now's the time to weave your rhythm and voice, dreams and imaginings into the tapestry of the reemerging songlines and storytelling.

Yes, it's a crowded room with many vying for the spotlight and pulpit, so it's more important than ever that we quietly gather, unplug, whisper, laugh, love, cry, and occasionally shout - together. There's a fresh mythos now germinating from ancient seeds buried and perpetually tended to from long, long ago...

It's a mythos and ethos of non-dualism, cross-cultural pollination, civil mediation, ecological veneration, symbiosis, biomimicry, individual sovereignty, equity, dignity, and connection.

A mythic embrace of the whole.

It's a mythos of a culture that aspires to tend to and share the collective commons with deep reverence.

The re-emergent mythos is not about perfection - it's about vision, intention, and activation.

It's a cultural worldview that honors and supports indigenous wisdom keepers, water protectors, visionary youngsters, artists, and elders.

It's a culture that understands that black lives matter. It's a mythos of culture in love with nature. It's a mythos animated by the Evolutionary Life Force Intelligence of action! It's a mythos that invites us to help tend the commonweal gardens and reminds us that we need all hands down in the diverse microbiome and fertile muddy loam.

Let's drum and sing, co-create, work hard, simplify and celebrate together as the seeds of Gaia's verdant gardens and teeming forests rebloom, and wild places return.


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