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  • Krista Holland

Drumming in the Golden Light

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Women Drumming Golden Light

Photo credit: Jaya Deva

We are all still integrating the mystery and magic and of this initiatory journey to Athens, Greece and Crete.

It was a powerful rite of passage and pilgrimage to the ancient temples, beaches, and vibrant landscapes of the island of Crete and mainland Greece.

Two groups of 25 women heard the call to join us to learn to play the Sacred Drum - a ceremonial instrument of women from the Middle East, the Mediterranean, Old Europe, and beyond.

The frame drummers of the ancient world were the Bee Priestesses and Melisssae. There is an ancient and modern lineage of Melisssae that originally hailed from Greece, the British Isles, and Lithuania.

We spent time in ceremony and circle, relished the incredible healing Mediterranean cuisine, swam in the Mediterranean sea, partook in essential oil distillation and so much more.

As a facilitator and guide the journey stretched me to my limits and changed me forever. I am so grateful to the women that made the journey with us and to the Sacred Drum, my co-facilitator and to my mentor and teacher Layne Redmond for leading me here.

Blessed Be.


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