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  • Krista Holland

Ode to Mother Mary and the Sacred Myrtle Trees

Two myrtle trees flanking a sacred spring at a monastery to Mother Mary in her embodiment as a

Myrtle Tree and Sacred Spring


We happened serendipitously upon this sacred site by following as small road sign in Greek that seemed to indicate myrtle was in the vicinity...

When we finally arrived, we found nine myrtle trees planted within a small monastery courtyard with a huge ancient Mother Myrtle tree at the entrance. In her voluptuous branches hung an effigy of Mother Mary and her golden child.

Myrtle trees have a very ancient connection to both the Goddess Aphrodite and Venus, both Goddesses of love and sexuality. Myrtle flowers symbolize love, purity, and prosperity and are used medicinally for calming and beautification.

Oh to live in a world that remembers the divinity of trees and the Divine Feminine/Masculine in all their many diverse manifestations..🌎🌿💚


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