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  • Krista Holland

Th Muse of Crete

The glimmering Aegean Sea and rugged wild nature of the Greek island of Crete are still pulsing through my veins after having spent three weeks immersed in the rhythms of the island lifestyle there this summer.

I went on a personal pilgrimage to visit some sacred sites, to continue my research of the ancient Sacred Drummers and Bee Priestesses of Greece and the Mediterranean and to film content for my soon(ish) to be released Sacred Drumming Online Academy.

The island of Crete and Greece in general, have much to teach me and to teach the world...there is a very deep remembrance of a certain quality of life and connection to nature and culture that is generous and inspiring.

The frame drum along with the archetypes, symbols, and myths connected to the sacred drum continue to lead me and many others on quite an incredible pilgrimage into the pulsing heart of a rhythmic world view that exists both inside and out...🌎

Along the way of my summer adventures, the Muse gifted me with some new original rhythm compositions that I will be sharing with local Sacred Drumming circles, during upcoming retreats, and via the online drumming academy in the future. I'm super excited about these brand new, yet timeless rhythms that are coming through!!

I can't wait to share them with some of you...⚪️

Thank you, to the Muse in all her forms.

Please join us in person or online for some Sacred Drumming soon. Find out about upcoming events here.


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