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  • Krista Holland

Mythic Landscapes

It’s a landscape of mythic dimensions rich with layers of story and sediment of jewelry, gem, votive, pottery, stone, and bone.

Some believe there was a matriline that flourished here in the Minoan times. Women walked these paths bare-breasted and poured libations from overflowing vessels ~ honey, olive oil, milk, and wine.

The myths and symbols left behind by countless generations of storytellers tell tales of the women, priestesses, and Goddesses of these wild lands. Artemis - protector and huntresses - sovereign guardian of childbearing women, honeybees, animals, and children.

Aphrodite - Goddess of love and sensuality and erotic primal sexuality. It is she who rises up out of the primordial ocean onto a pink sand beach and blesses the world with fertility, deeply embodied bliss and tenderized emotion.

And Gaia/Gaea primordial ancestral earth Mother and Goddess of all life married to the Sky.

The ancient myths teach each new generation how to be in relation to the cosmos and the deep inner workings and web of connections between the unconscious and conscious minds. Both myth and natural landscape naturally guide us into the labyrinthian spiral center towards deeper understanding and remembrance of our human/divine nature.


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