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  • Krista Holland

Symbols and Synchronicities

A few days back, I wrote a bit about the use of symbols and signs as personal markers and signposts on the path of life.

Here is a real-life example of what I mean.

The photo on the left was taken while I was in Athens over a week ago. Most of those who’ve been to Athens will tell you the urban planning and streets are laid out very labyrinthian. Like a maze.

I was walking down the street and happened upon this building and decided to take a picture because I liked the use of the caryatids holding up this unassuming urban dwelling. It’s a campy/cool replica of the formal caryatids that hold up the ancient Temple of Athena on the Acropolis Hill in Athens.

For those that may not be familiar- the caryatids are women - maidens depicted carrying baskets containing sacred objects used at feasts of the goddesses Athena and Artemis. With the baskets of sacred objects, the caryatids hold up the buildings and architecture on their heads.

The picture on the right is the art hanging by my bed here at the remote eco-village where I’m staying - one island and many hours away from the photo taken in Athens a week or so ago. Coincidence? Yes!

And when we take notice and apply meaning - coincidence becomes synchronicity.

When we notice synchronicities where they arise, it can serve to fuel the journey with more inspiration and ease. Synchronicities tells us we are indeed on the right path.

Remember, important symbols are unique to the individual. It’s not about maidens holding up buildings! The caryatids are just one example. What’s important is to follow the interest or attraction and begin to collect your symbolic attaché.

Also, take notice of when you feel allured by the symbols of corporations and commerce being used to garner your attention, $$, and more...

“Symbol. A symbol is something, or someone, that stands for or suggests another entity, action, belief, visual image, or idea. ... Symbolic thought is a conceptual ability that develops in humans as we develop.”


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