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  • Krista Holland

Symbolic Signposts

If you’ve ever wondered which way to go or which path to take in life, start to look out for the signs and symbols.

They are quite literally, though metaphorically markers on the path that can help show you the way. That may sound like a direct contradiction - How can something be literal and metaphorical at the same time? You may ask.

The thing is the symbols are metaphors that come into the 3D reality from the subconscious and unconscious realms to help guide our way in this above-ground conscious reality. They help show you where your soul wants to go.

Symbols help lead you to your own mythopoetic identity were your deeper nature can express herself more fully and authentically. You can live in the realm of the mystic/ artist - one who crafts their life path and world view from the depths of their inner essence ~ imagining and re-imagining the world a new and adding fresh perspective to the whole.

Which symbols should you follow?

Mostly the ones that stir your soul.

It’s individual to you ~ your unique symbols can act as sign posts on your life path and might even help lead you to your kindred people.

Krista Holland with Frame Drum


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