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  • Krista Holland

Mythic Drumming in New Mexico

I’ve recently traveled from the lush, wet, muddy, emerald green rolling hills and sacred sites of England to the bone dry, technicolor desert of New Mexico. I’m here on my birthday ~ full moon spring equinox celebrating and preparing to teach Mythic Drumming at Georgia O’ Keefe’s Ghost Ranch in a few days. I feel like I’ve been on an initiatory journey of sorts these last few years, and life has just taken me through yet another gateway. Some of you know of my unusual childhood and upbringing. Life is now bringing me full circle into letting the gifts gained through the sometimes intense challenges and extraordinary teachings settle more deeply into my being. Even though I feel the gifts ultimately are not for me, they do nourish me greatly. The gifts I feel are meant for some of you. I’m also honing my heartmind, body, and soul so that in the still somewhat distant future - I grow not only older but grow to become a true elder. I look forward to sharing the teachings of the mythic and sacred drum, and some of the medicine gathered in the days and years to come.

Mythic Drumming in New Mexico


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