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  • Krista Holland

Green Truth

Many years ago, I came across the work of Hildegard of Bingen - writer-composer-philosopher-visionary-mystic-polymath. Hildegard coined the Latin term “Veriditas,” a marriage of two words: Green and Truth. The concept describes nature’s divine healing power, the “greening” power of plant medicine, and the “greening” of one’s mind. In 2005 I named my permaculture/landscape design company Veriditas and continually keep the essence of its meaning close to my being. I am forging my way back to my primal roots of belonging on Mother Earth within the dominion of the Gaia Sophia. ⠀ “In the beginning, all creatures were green and vital. They flourished amidst flowers,” Hildegard of Bingen. 💚🌎⠀


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