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  • Krista Holland

"When the Women were Drummers"

"Thousands of images from the art of the ancient world have been unearthed and cataloged of women playing the frame drum. Egypt, Greece, Mesopotamia, Anatolia, Iraq, Iran...on and on...We find women playing the frame drum in birthing and dying rites, ritual, and ceremony depicted through relief, hieroglyph, vase painting, votive offering and statuary the world over. Votive offerings of a Goddess, a woman or a priestess holding a frame drum have been discovered in the elaborate funerary goods of Greece and images of processionals of women playing the frame drum were carved into walls of the Temple of Hathor in Dendera, Eygpt. Way back in the day....The Women were Drummers! Who knew?! It wasn't until my teacher and mentor Layne Redmond put the pieces together and wrote the book The Women were Drummers that we began to realize and remember..." Krista Holland


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