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"I began my pursuit of the drum as a young adult studying drum set, world drumming, and percussion with master drummers in private, workshop, and academic settings. In 1995, I had the good fortune to meet Layne Redmond, author of "When the Drummers Were Women", and soon after, I put away my drumsticks, gave away my drum set, and began to focus my musical studies exclusively on mastering the frame drum over my lifetime. I apprenticed myself to Layne and her prolific teachings of the frame drum, ritual, myth, and frame drum history for over 14 years at every opportunity until her passing in 2014. With Layne's encouragement and blessing, I began teaching and sharing my love of the fame drum in 2007. I am honored to continue the tradition of initiating women into the incredible artistry, practice, and feminine spiritual history of these remarkable instruments. When I'm not playing drums or studying the ancient frame drum history, I can be found teaching yoga, planting organic gardens, tending honeybees, and otherwise living a creative life and teaching others how to do the same. ~ Krista Holland

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