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Professional Bio 

Krista Holland is a frame drum expert, multi-disciplinary teacher, historian, independent researcher, mythologist, and the founder of the Sacred Drumming Academy, where she shares her in-depth training and studies of the cross-cultural art form and history of the frame drum and teaches others to play the frame drum as an instrument and tool for sacred practice, meditation, sound healing and the transformation of consciousness and culture.

Krista learned the art of frame drumming along with ritual, myth, and ancient feminine drum history while apprenticing for 14 years under the tutelage of the late Layne Redmond, author of When the Drummers Were Women. 


Primarily focusing her frame drumming on its healing aspects rather than on drum performance, Krista has drummed privately for cancer patients in hospice, pregnant mothers at their blessing ways, grieving parents, modern temple dancers, trance journeys, children at bedtime, elderhood rites of passage, and a variety of other life ceremonies and rituals.


Krista is known for her unique playing style, powerfully transformative teaching, and knowledge of the mythology and widespread history connected to the ancient lineage of global frame drummers. 


She teaches sacred drumming and full spectrum Hatha through online and in-person private classes, group workshops, immersions, and international retreats.


Krista lives with her husband and partner of 20+ years and their son in Southern Oregon.

Personal Statement

My teaching and body of work aspire to help others nurture their unique human potential by creating a deeply nourishing and personalized practice of full-spectrum holistic embodiment utilizing the complementary pathways of sacred drumming practice, creative movement, ceremony, ritual, and conscious life design to inspire the full flowering of vital living.


My teachings and training draw from a mandala of life-enhancing modalities, both ancient and modern. Sacred Drumming, Full-spectrum Hatha yoga, tantrik philosophy, meditation, Ayurveda, ancient culture, feminine embodiment practice, nature, art, and permaculture. These complementary threads weave together symbiotically for the creation of cultural regeneration and deeply embodied living. The blending of this multifaceted tapestry of traditions is perfectly suited to the unfolding zenith of individual, cultural, and global transformation arising in these times.





The Shift Network - Faculty 2020 - Present

Courses Taught

  • The Rhythms and Myths of the Sacred Frame Drum - online course taught to over 600 International students in 2021

  • The Sacred Frame Drum’s Ancient Wisdom and Modern Healing Power - online course taught to over 250

  • International students in 2022

  • Embodied Drumming - online course taught to an international student body in 2023.

  • Soul Drumming - online course taught to an international student body in 2023



  • The Sacred Drumming Academy trains students in the cross-cultural art form and ancient history of the frame drum as a contemplative practice and instrument for sound healing, recreational music-making, community building, and embodied wisdom. 2020 - Present 



      · Southern Oregon University - Guest Faculty - Elemental Drumming

  • Sacred Drumming Lecture & Slide Show

  • Full Moon Sacred Drumming - Praxis of the Priestess

    • Ceremonial mini-retreat for women

  • Sacred Drumming - Path of the Priestess

  • Intro. to Frame Drumming for Women

  • Sacred Drumming and Yoga Immersion

    • Ceremonial mini-retreat for women

  • Mysterium of the Melissae - The Ancient Bee Priestesses

    • Ceremonial mini-retreat for women 

  • Mythic Drumming - The Art and Mythos of the Frame Drum


       ●    Sacred Drumming 

  • Eleusinian Mystery Field School 2017 

Moon Session - June 1-11, 2017

Athens & Crete, Greece

  • Eleusinian Mystery Field School 2017 

Sun Session - June 15-25, 2017

Athens & Crete, Greece

  • Mythic Drumming

  • Ghost Ranch, New Mexico

    • 2018

    • 2019


  • Havurah Concert with Wild Honey 2018 (guest)

  • House Concert with OmTara 2018 (guest)

  • Dakini Rose Garden Ensemble 2012-2017


Mystic Rising 2012 - 2016 

  • Surya Soma Yoga Yoga Instructor 

  • The Priestess Convergence 2015

    • Facilitator

  • Pranafest 2014 

    • Musician Performer with the Dakini Rose Garden Ensemble 


  • The Synchronicity Festival Joshua Tree 2014 

    • Presenter and Speaker 

  • Western Apicultural Society 2019

Presenter and Speaker 


  • Instructor and Teacher Trainer

    • Yoga House Pasadena (1999 - 2005) 

    • Center for Yoga/Yoga Works L.A. (1999 - 2005)

    • Silverlake Yoga (1999-2005)

    • Rasa Center for Yoga Ashland, OR (2008 - 2017)

    • Ashland Yoga Center (2008 - present) 

    • YMCA Ashland (2009 - present)

    • Mt. Shasta School of Yoga Teacher Training (2015-2017)

  • Founder: The Surya Soma School of Yoga Ashland, OR 

    • 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training 2017

    • 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training 2018

    • 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training 2018 - 2019 

    • 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training 2019

  • Workshops

    • Radiant Rejuvenation (10-Day Ayurvedic Cleanse, bi-annual) 

    • Soma Yoga

    • Yoga and Ayurveda Immersion 

    • Energetic Body - The Chakras  

    • Yoga Alignment Immersion 

    • Classical Yoga - Patanjali & the Sutras 

    • Ayurvedic Lifestyle 

    • Chakra Asana Practice 

    • Yogic Secrets for Empowered Practice 

    • The Essentials of Deep Self-Care

    • Post-Classical Tantric Yoga 

    • Energetic Anatomy 

    • Chakras Demystified 

    • Yoga Immersion into the Temple of the Heart 

    • Tantric Yoga and the Chakras 

    • Tantric Yogic Philosophy, Practice, and Meditations 

    • Lakshmi Yoga Sadhana 

    • Solstice Candlelight Yoga

  • Retreats

    • Sun and Moon Yoga 

Buckhorn Springs Retreat Center

Ashland, Oregon

  • Eleusinian Mystery Field School 2017 

Moon Session -  June 1-11, 2017

Athens & Crete, Greece

  • Eleusinian Mystery Field School 2017 

Sun Session - June 15-25, 2017

Athens & Crete, Greece

  • Misc. International 


      Resort Yoga

      Guest Instructor,

      Grand Isla Navidad, Barra, Mexico 


  • Immersion Coordinator for Jai Dev Singh and Simrit Kaur (2012 - 2018)

  • Life Force Formula 

  • Radiant Body 

  • Floracopeia  (2011-2012)

  • Medicine Crow Live (May 2010)

  • Aromatic Alchemy September  (2010) 

  • Essential Oil Certification Course (May 2011)

  • Listening to the Heart (2012)



  • Cofounder Veriditas Landscape Design company in Los Angeles and Ashland, Oregon.

    • Manager and lead designer (along with Eric Novisedlak).  Portfolio available upon request


  • Assistant to Layne Redmond at Esalen Institute 2006, 2008 and 2009

  • Volunteering 

    • Shine Light Ashland OR 2013 - 2017

    • Fundraiser & Lead Teacher 

  • Founding Faculty Member, College of the Melissae - Center for Sacred Beekeeping

    • A founding faculty member of the College of the Melissae - Center for Sacred Beekeeping, she developed a curriculum on the history, mythology, and symbol systems connected to the ancient Bee Priestess traditions.

Education and Training 


  • 14-year apprenticeship and group education under the tutelage of the late Layne Redmond, author of When the Drummers Were Women 


  • Additional Six Month Intensive Frame Drumming Training - Giving Birth To Ourselves with Layne Redmond  1999 & 2004

  • Frame Drum techniques and traditional rhythms with Yshai Afterman


  • Lyceum - Path of Pollen

Bee Shamanism at the Sacred Trust, Dorset, England



  • Rod Stryker 200 hr YTT 1998

  • Ana Forrest 200 hr YTT 1999

  • John Friend 200 hr YTT 2003

  • Center for Yoga 200 hr YTT 2004 

  • Rasa Yoga YTT 500 hours 2017



  • Permaculture Certification - Regenerative Design Institute 2004

  • Landscape Design Certification 2005 - UCLA Extension 2004 



  • Essential Oil Therapeutics certification with Floracopeia 2010 with David Crow 

  • Aromatic Alchemy certification with David Crow 2011




"Krista's ability to demonstrate, entrain, and teach the drum without ever losing touch with the sacred, ancient roots of the practice is a true gift.  Her class is part of the voice of the ancestress, calling us home to the powerful mystery of belonging to an endless lineage of holy women and mothers."

Jumana Sophia

Founder of Her Mystery School 




Krista's teaching and research are at the forefront of the global interest in sacred drumming.  Her depth of wisdom and passion for her subject are sure to inspire those called to take up this ancient instrument for transforming consciousness and creating greater health and well-being.”

David Crow

Author, Herbalist, Educator, and Founder of Floracopeia Aromatic Treasures




“Krista is one of those rare magicians that can combine sacred drumming, deep knowledge of the sacred feminine, and equally deep knowledge of modern psychology and neuroscience with dexterity and mastery. The resulting Alchemy is quite a heady mix and a workshop with her is the equivalent of diving deep down the Rabbit's hole with Alice. Nothing short of magic!”

Raja Choudhury

Teacher of Awakening Your Kundalini and Opening Your Third Eye

Filmmaker, teacher, and explorer


"Krista Holland~historian, instructor, mentor, story-teller, spiritual guide, community builder, and, frame drum teacher.  I found your relaxed sharing style so rich in nourishing knowledge and exquisite drumming techniques.  Your fingers dancing the beat, I felt I was listening to the transmission of arcane wisdom through "cha brushing" sounds of parchment pages turning inside the lost library of Alexandria as you de-coded & translated the alchemy of hidden treasures.

Your words-An art form

Your drumming-Soul/spirit food

Your presence-Heartfelt, timeless, spacious"

Elise Lockhart,  M.ED




"The delicious weave of knowledge, wisdom, playfulness, and skill was a treat to be with.  Krista is a bright light with much to share! I encourage anyone to check out her drumming class!

Shellee Rae

Spiritual Guide, Healer, Author




"Surya Soma Yoga Teacher Training is a truly mythic yogic initiation for those who feel called to hone in on embodied Hatha yoga practice as well as be in service to their own unique Dharmic path. I gained not only physical strength & a holistically informed yogic tool-kit as a seasoned dancer, but also soul empowering clarity on my dharma as a spiritual guide. Krista is an extremely wise, compassionate & well-rounded instructor. She creates a learning environment of sacred invitation to go beyond fascia & bone and into the depths of soma & soul."  

Brook Alyssum Underwood

Surya Soma Yoga Teacher Training 2017




"Krista Holland’s Yoga Teacher Training was one of the best learning experiences of my life. It was deeply transformational, full of potent knowledge, confidence-building and joyful. If you want to become a Yoga Teacher or just want to deepen your practice and enrich your life, I highly recommend Krista’s Surya Soma Yoga teacher training."

Shawn Nasralla 



Krista Holland is an extremely gifted teacher who embodies the genuine role of a teacher in a way that is worthy of the trust of any yoga student. Under her guidance, I have transformed my relationship to my own body and its capabilities, as well as navigating my personal dharma within a yogic context. She is particularly unique in the way that she facilitates this blossoming with her kind and compassionate feminine nature, which invites her students to meet her where they are at along the journey, and by inspiring them with creativity within the conversations of yoga.

The Surya Soma Yoga Teacher Training helped me fully re~enter my body and overcome blockages due to injuries and develop my internal and external practice in ways that will be with me for the rest of my life. I can’t say enough good things about her. If you’re considering taking a deep dive into yoga, whether you’re planning to teach or not Surya Soma Yoga is the one."

Aniya Moon




"Taking the Surya Soma Yoga Teacher Training was by far, one of the very best choices I have made for myself. I often think back to the moment in December when I was going back and forth on whether I could incorporate this commitment into my life. I honestly do not know where I would be without the gift of this practice. My heart is forever illuminated by these teachings, my body is infused with strength and flexibility, and my life is enhanced one thousandfold because I said yes to this practice and to Krista as my teacher. In love and gratitude" 

Aubrey Sharp 




"I love how deep we went into every aspect of yoga from philosophy, to mythology and Ayurveda, this gave me a sense of a well-rounded education in yoga.  I learned how to use my voice and how to give direct cues and teach from a place of depth and authenticity, along with proper alignment techniques and the structure of a class sequence. The training allowed me to notice how I use yoga in every aspect of my life but also encouraged more asana practice both self-guided and guided by others. I would love for others to experience your in-depth take on hatha yoga and have the chance to soak in your knowledge. Thank you for believing in me. You have expanded my world and inspired me in tremendous ways. You helped me find my voice and my dharma. I am so deeply grateful!"

C.J. Thomas




"The teacher training was awesome! It brought yoga to the forefront of my everyday life. It deepened my practice on the mat to where I felt I can continue to explore yoga for a lifetime. The training was well thought out, well-paced and covered all the appropriate aspects with wisdom as well as practical, embodied, functional practices. There was a lot available for everyone. There was depth but also a solid foundation on all topics. It gave me a deeper understanding of philosophy and the tradition of yoga. Krista is an embodied true teacher of yoga. She has wisdom, depth, and breadth of the ancient knowledge of yoga combined with her passion as a yogini to share her knowledge and skills. She allowed students to make their own decisions to add to the training. I feel humbled and inspired as a human and yogini and have gained the confidence to teach. Thank you so much from my heart!" 

 Shelby Dias 




"The training that I received through the Surya Soma Yoga teacher training was profound. It provided me with a solid set of tools to grow my own yoga practice and to share yoga with others. Tools that I will use for the rest of my life. It also touched me deeply and encouraged and fostered a subtle but absolute growth and evolution of body, mind, and spirit. I have much gratitude for my teacher Krista Holland. Her grace, humor, gentle wisdom, and authentic intelligence are a blessing to her students."

Blossom Bluesky Staples




"The Surya Soma Yoga Teacher Training was life-changing. One of the best choices I have made to date. I could go on and on about the resounding benefits I received and continue to receive from this offering. Thank you Krista Holland from all of my being."

Andrew Markham




“Krista is a wonderful teacher, opening doorways and offering possibilities and potentialities to her students, but leaving it up to the individual to take what they want, to leave what they choose, to make their own strides and determinations. All hallmarks of a great teacher. She has been a great inspiration for me in my life and in my practice and remains one of a few great people that I seek out to help me balance and enrich myself, now, in my life. I love her and recommend her to anyone seriously seeking betterment.“

 Justin Murphy



"I LOVE that you weave deep, science-based, spiritual teachings into your yoga classes. I feel your strong commitment to sharing this knowledge to heal people. You are artful in your ability to remain permeable, yet grounded, when confronted with negative or chaotic energy. You invite the energy in, bring attention to the present, soothe, lighten, and deepen, as you beneficially redirect wayward energy and emotions. Your bright, inquisitive mind, in harmony with your heart thirsting to support our highest truths, are a true gift as both a yoga teacher and coach."

Faye Weisler 


Embodied Life Coaching client

Yoga student




"I feel Krista is doing nothing short of helping heal the world by sharing her love and strength, and creating a space in her classes for us, her students, to access, discover, and share our love and strength, too.


Krista creates a space of peace and energy and calm and strength. Yes, all that at once. She radiates warmth and quiet, loving power that fills the room, and fills me, too.


And she knows her stuff. Krista has an incredible depth and breadth of knowledge about anatomy, musculature, and movement, which she conveys in simple, understandable, and fun terms. She makes it so that I actually understand, in an easy, happy way, what is happening inside me, and how my muscles and bones are working. I find that adds tremendous depth and fascination to my yoga work.


And then there is her amazing spirit that so infuses her classes (and me!). She begins and ends the class with beautiful thoughts and meditations that invite my mind to join in harmony with the physical work of the class."

Jonna Tamases



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